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The Mighty Palm
The Mighty Palm
What's keeping you from giving low level enemies patterns and making them interesting too?
Either the late game enemies going to feel underwhelmed or im just gonna running out of ideas. Besides the actor won't be having much skill to play with in early game.
I'm the same. We all want to skip to the fun parts.

@The Mighty Palm I don't think trash mobs should have complex behaviors. They are exactly what they are: trash mobs, enemies to fill in with other stronger enemies. They shouldn't be on the same level of complexity as bosses.

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I really get the feeling I should be doing regular YouTube videos whenever I make something cool in my game, instead of waiting for massive changes. But not going to lie... I always feel like it's never quite enough to merit an update, until it's a drastic change. :kaoswt:
Going to submit to this game jam...struggling with the time crunch...
Have to keep compromising...
Just released a new OST for my game and a new place to purchase it!

Ah, things to do when you finish a game.

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