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Oi, I hate when that happens. My folks would chew me out over many things beyond my control, and expect me to fix it.

Why is it up to ME to deal with these things? If it's such an issue that they have to point it out, why don't they get off their torpid tuchises and fix it themselves?! Their best excuse is because "It's not their responsibility"...What???
Philosophus Vagus
Philosophus Vagus
This is like, the greatest of human pastimes though. Everyone always has an opinion on the problems, most of the time anyone with an answer becomes an instant pariah though.
I mean, it can be something so trivial and simple, like a mess on the kitchen table or a light that's been left on. Instead of doing the obvious and doing it themselves, APPARENTLY it makes more sense to call me, force me to stop what i'm doing to come upstairs and have me take care of it. It really gets my goat!

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230 paths... roughly 250 light sources on the screen... One serious lag fiesta... But I finally got it all the screen at once. I guess I could have also just made an event to spawn each one in exactly the location I needed, but that's sooo much less fun. :LZSwink:
A wee radio thing I made months and months and months ago. 2020 has felt like such a long year. Maybe made this before 2020.IDK anymore.

Made this one much more recently.
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