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It's still better than to neglect classes. I've been missing a few lately... (sorry, had to post for the pun xD)
Dragon Brother
Dragon Brother
I see You have elected the way of PUNNishment.
Dragon Brother
Dragon Brother
I suppose it would be, though now I am looking for a way to generate random names for the Units rather than having the unit name be the same as the Class, it becomes funny when You have;
Name: Swordsman
Class: Swordsman
on your menu...
Philosophus Vagus
Philosophus Vagus
@Dragon Brother I had the same thought, but having actual names quickly got confusing so after creating a random name generator for units I scrapped it because even as the developer it was hard to tell 'sniper' from 'trooper' and I'd end up making tactical errors as a result. Of course my games an srpg with 50+ enemy units on some maps as well.

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