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I was just talking about this phenomenon with my friend. Spending too much time goofing off is a symptom, so turning off the internet or whatever won't change anything. You need to figure out why you goof off too much.
For a lot of people, I've noticed, it's because of working during play time or not getting enough play time. Humans need a certain amount of unstructured play to be happy. Like how we need to pause and sleep to be well.
When you let yourself play without guilt or trying to solve work problems, you need less play to feel refreshed. When you try to work during play time the mind will try to force the issue and you'll find yourself playing when you should work.
That's...a really good point to keep in mind.
Snow White
Snow White
@Sharm Now that you mention it . . . when I last had a close deadline I ended up watching far too many Dear Evan Hansen animatics when I was meant to be working XD (Don't worry, I met the deadline in the end, but still XD)

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