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designed the repair of the roads near our apartment. Due to their super clever innovation we now have a traffic jam that is not going to move ANYWHERE until tram trolleys get repaired. Which is going to take a while, because the repair crew cannot even get there due to the fact that the traffic is 100% stuck. That's just plain ridiculous! But also very hilarious to watch.

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When you are trying to make progress in your game. But something is stopping your motivation. Like come on mind! Let me do what I want! :<
Tfw everyone is trying their hardest to brainstorm about unique ideas and game mechanics, here I am just going: "How am I gonna event conversations with busts" everyday. :kaoswt2:
Comedy is third person, tragedy is first person.
Man. A historic 130 year old church nearby had all of its windows broken out with bricks last night. Such a shame, it wasn't generic stained glass patterns either but had beautifully crafted murals depicting various parts of the gospels.
The Steam Summer Sale's been treating me nicely. Now if only game sales were always this good...

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