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Are you trying to make random switches?
It's like a pipe game. You have reroute the the energy to all of the specific points. I need to find a way to have the game know where the energy should flow when a player activates a specific tile. It would be a convoluted mess, with each of the 25 event requiring 4-8 pages. And I have to do it all without parellel processes that slow down the gameplay. If you check out the game online you'll see what I mean.

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I just came up with a very original RPG Idea. This is so well written that it might be the first RPG I actually finish making. (I’ve stopped all my projects halfway through development. I don’t think this one will be the same.)
Became a news junkie... except for those times I got inspired and published a chapter of any of my crazy stories. XD
Finally returning to one of my least favorite parts of game deving - mapping.
Me, adding new map: Okay, so this map will be the - wait...Map 501?! O.O E-excuse me?!
So, yup...breaking into the 500's for map count. Some are placeholders for now, since I haven't gotten around to actually mapping them yet. But soon. Very soon...oof, I'm scared.
Did anyone else get a 'sever error' a little while ago on fourms? because I did...

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