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Philosophus Vagus
You know there's only ever been three reported cases (all in the same town on the same night and turned out to be a hoax/fraud) of razors in candy worldwide? Also 0 cases of children actually consuming said candy? Myths like that are to scare the adults at Halloween though, I suppose.

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What can I sing for my sisters birthday...?

Well, I'll have you know that I'm still around, looking for opportunity to resurface with some stuffs.
I like to think of Profile Posts as tiny homes, full of all kinds of unsuspecting suckers "future" friends.... Many of which are of course only going to be excited when a strange man in black suddenly shows up to say hi. :LZSexcite:
Stream will be live shortly with some more Haunting Ground! Today, we encounter a new stalker! Feel free to drop by!
Tried the new Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus today. Very nice device overall, but flagship smartphone prices are getting completely out of control.

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