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If you continually progress, it'll have to be complete eventually. How long can you run a race until you cross the finish line? Depends on how fast you run I suppose... But it'll eventually happen.
@FleshToDust It also depends if you're running a 100m or a marathon. lol
So yeah depending on your skills, available time and project size, it can take quite some time. The important thing is probably to do what you want and try to have fun doing it.
When you're in the middle of development, it feels like you'll never be done. But when the end approaches, you'll be like "whoa, it's almost finished". Then a feeling of void will fill you. You'll ask youself questions like "Is there really no more things to do?" "What else can I do?"
We all suffer the same fate. Just don't rush yourself and don't lose hope either and you'll get there :)

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If we assume an Elf's strong suit is Dexterity (AGI) & Intellect (MAT), I imagine Strength (ATK) & Constitution (DEF) would be among their lowest stats. But I'm having a hard deciding which should be lower, Strength or Constitution?
I'm really sorry to have to do this, but I'm going to have to start blocking those who repeatedly put up sexual content and offer absolutely nothing (that I've seen) related to what this community is supposedly created for.
Don't take it personal. I'm a rape victim with permanent injuries who can never enjoy 'it' ever again, so it's the last thing I want to have put in my face. :(
Check out my side project! It's a survival dungeon crawler! https://voidmoon-studio.itch.io/depths-of-delmora
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how do you attach those images to your posts?
I picked up FF III pixel remaster for the mobile discount sale. I guess that's on my plate after I finish Lunar Silver Star Story. That said, I am strongly considering an entry for the IGMC 2022 since an idea came to me for this year's theme.

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