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Dragon Brother
Dragon Brother
First off, the overpowered list these shall be Nerfed;
Radioman, You need to chill! calling on an artillery strike jamming the enemy's radio and a Supply drop in Your first turn? Nein gut!
Flamethrower, it is My fault really, I took the 'All plastic is vulnerable to fire' adage a little far.
Mortarman, too sodding accurate!
Dragon Brother
Dragon Brother
Secondly, the events, must overhaul;
Siege events need to be drawn out, even bandits do not run dry on ammo after a single turn.
Hostile outposts need to be set to a setting where they stop spawning patrols after they are destroyed.
The Intel system needs to be a lot more challenging I'm revealing the enemy base too easily after gaining intel after one raid on an outpost.
Dragon Brother
Dragon Brother
Lastly Variables, I cannot display them for the life of Me so Resources, POWs included need to be displayed another way...
Why cannot you display variables?

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