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Dragon Brother
Dragon Brother
The Myrtle prefer to keep War as clean as possible;
Spare defeated enemies.
Friendly fire will be paid for out of the General's Budget.
Restoring a Captured Population center is commendable.
Do not involve Civilians in combat or harm them.
Do not despoil population centers.
Dragon Brother
Dragon Brother
The Ecru will play it clean, but only if they truly respect the enemy;
The Propaganda Department rewards Generals that spread the word.
The SES will pay for Information on Traitors to the Republic.
If the SES has a Warrant for one of the men, do not impede them.
The People and Territories of the Republic are never to fall to the enemy.
Fail too many Required objectives and return to the Homeland will be impossible.
Dragon Brother
Dragon Brother
The Ashen are a proud war-like society (You might ask who isn't in this game.) Most things are permitted but;
You are rewarded per victory, even more so if You are out-numbered.
Returning lands previously ruled by the Ashen Empire is a must.
The Ashen do not take surrender or capture lightly.
Losing too many battles.
Losing a population center without a fight.
DO NOT use Toxins.. ever!
Dragon Brother
Dragon Brother
The Lapis pride themselves of civilty even in the face of total hostility;
Leaders must use every chance to end the fight peacefully.
If the Enemy has defeated You, A Leader may surrender His/Her Flag in exchange for release.
Never let a Lapis City fall.
Killing Noncombatants or civilians will not be tolerated.
Declining a Prisoner exchange is Uncivilized.
Dragon Brother
Dragon Brother
The Rufous would rather tend to their farms and build mountain resorts than go to War, but that does not mean they would not put up a fight;
Against the Aggressor, anything goes.
Defend a Rufous City to the very end.
Killing Noncombatants or Civilians is frowned upon even by the lowest soldier.
Dragon Brother
Dragon Brother
The Atrament are skilled craftsman and engineers, this translates into Wartime as well;
When Leader are given a prototype, to use it and expect a reward.
Leniency in the face of Victory is commendable and required.
If the Atrament people are threatened, no failure will be tolerated.

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