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Philosophus Vagus
What do you even do? Your statuses lead one to believe your work days are full of naps, goofing around and 'confiscating' slightly damaged teas while occasionally wasting time repairing equipment that's about to be sold and replaced anyway...sounds like a really good gig, to good, perhaps to be reality even.
I'm the lead at Arizona tea but am the shipping and receiving coordinator. For the past month though... They've been updating the equipment so nothing's been running. Today am just here to check in trailers but it's an all day wait as they never show up on time.
We've been importing product from other warehouses but that all tends to happen on first shift. On second shift (my shift) my team gets everything else done pretty early so we just mess around the rest of the day haha.

Usually though as lead, they have me do everything else, including maintenance. It's not a bad job but during busy season it'll get hectic.

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