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Vance Raehart
Vance Raehart
Celianna seems like a sweet girl, and that's what frightens me for some reason.
Vance Raehart
Vance Raehart
Now i remember! whenever see a post or status update from her, i feel this aura of female dominance emanating from her. Pretty someone you don't want to upset. thats my take on her :)
Juanita Star
Juanita Star
Aura of female dominance, holy cow...

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Got fired from my job because they found someone more "Professional" and "Better" then me so I had more time to work on a tower defense prototype for a friend, I will upload tutorials on how to make it yourself once it's finished.
Added a modern day fridge sprite to my thread. Empty, full, and rotten versions :) enjoy
I'm on YouTube moderating for an America's Funniest Home Videos livestream. They love having me there and I know spam when I see it. Tonight I had to put 3 different people in time out due to them spamming random letters. Nobody else could chat with their messages in the way!
Some WIP of Mist's newest sprites! Tutorials are awesome and very useful!

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