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if only there was a face-palm emoji on this forum...
I wish there was a "face-desk" FONT we could use on the internet. Some people make the most ridiculous arguments to push their opinions. It blows my mind when these are opinions and arguments from people in respected scientific fields.
which is why I avoid arguments on the internet ;)
Philosophus Vagus
Philosophus Vagus
They say that because they cannot say that "access to guns has been linked to an increase in overall crime" and keep the statement true. Britain is considering banning knives now because their homicide rate sans guns continues to rise, so much so that Birmingham's has at this point eclipsed Chicago's. Hell even over here where they are plentiful more people are attacked with baseball bats.
@Philosophus Vagus Ah, that explains things... I was talking with someone from the UK and they linked me to a video that stated exactly what I quoted. Just... what? If people want to commit crimes, they'll commit them. If someone wants you dead, they'll find a way to do it. I mean, more deaths in the world are linked to "improvised" weapons than knives and guns.

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Their tactics are evolving. They've learned to call for help when cornered. Never trust a mammal!
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