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  1. TheoAllen
    You can actually edit status update?
    Apr 20, 2019
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  2. Kes
    I suspect he typed it like that first time round.
    It's one of the things I find so sad in threads - the person works out a solution and leaves a post like that, and doesn't say what the fix is. It means that if anyone has the same problem they have to start a new thread, instead of just reading the answer.
    Apr 20, 2019
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  3. Poryg
    @Kes got it right. I saw a forum thread that had a title "Please delete". So I thought it could be fun to just type this in status updates, since you can't edit them anymore.
    Apr 20, 2019
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  4. Elliott404
    @Kes yes. It frustrates when I finally find a thread that has my problem, and with this kind of edits. I kind of now don't care if some problems are already in the threads, I just make my own thread hoping for a solution instead.

    @Poryg I actually fell for it that I went in your profile for this. . .
    Apr 21, 2019
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