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Traveling Bard
Traveling Bard
Ooooo, I like it! Gives off a nice dark atmosphere, like someone is on a mission and they are putting their life on the line. Feels urban fantasy to me, but that's kind of what I have on the brain lately :)
Good tracks! And thank you for generously sharing them :)

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I'm very happy and I want everyone to be happy too, so I decided to share this song about the end of the world! :biggrin:
I just booked a spot for my COVID vaccine today. I am just waiting to see when they can get me in. I'll be so happy when I don't have to be paranoid about the virus anymore. I'm also thinking about moving to Atlanta, Georgia, Denver, Colorado, or Houston, Texas in the far future. Maybe once my channel gets off the ground.
Went to get a haircut today, and the lady cut my hair too short... Well I suppose with the pandemic I'm not going out a lot, but it still feels a bit uncomfortable.
For real, they didn't tell me anything about THAT dragon bomber before. It could be the greatest invention since sliced bread, that's for sure!
Random Thought: Team Visustella has become the Power Rangers of RPG Maker, and Yanfly is their Zordon.

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