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My new game!~
An Early Announcement Trailer.
Please remember that this is kind of just a prototype.
I'd love to hear some thoughts!
Statuses aren't a great place to ask for thoughts or feedback, since there's a character limit. You should consider making a game thread or maybe sharing the trailer in the Ideas That Don't Deserve Their Own thread thread if you don't have enough for your own game thread.
@hiddenone is correct. That aside, the trailer is awesome, thematically-wise. I write friendship stories myself and I like the depth on this one while still not delving into psychology (I hate when it goes too deep lol).

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I have officially released JABS 2.00.

Do people think there would be value in releasing the non-JABS plugins as separate posts/threads here on this forum?

Additionally, I just would like to drum up excitement/anticipation/hype that I plan on spinning up the following:
- A custom crafting system that grants is modeled after the star ocean franchise.
- A custom menu system to go along with JABS on-the-map.
If a developer focuses too much on describing the game mechanics in the official trailer for their RPG, I'm going to wonder whether their writing is so bad that it doesn't deserve center stage for their game. This seems to be a pitfall for the marketing on a lot of games.
Only 2 projects ongoing, but not quite started yet: World of Persona (you know how it would go by the name) and GAN.
First one would be kinda of a Persona game, (but international not only Japanese!!!), and the other one is just for Spain (at first) (because it needs to be done for each country after all, it's an all-branches educational game)
As far as i can finish World of Persona, it means GAN is viable.
Evening humans! How goes thou day?
Aaaargh I twisted/sprained my ankle a week ago, now Im stuck at home. I mean Im almost healed lol, but my parents probably wouldnt let me go outside because theres a lot of snows and they thought I slipped on a snow (I just had a bit too big booths and thats why :<). Aw man...And a new boruto op came out and its fire. It will be hard not to vibe to it when I cant go out :/

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