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I managed to waste some nice scammer time this time without even investing more than few minutes in total of mine.
Windows i7
Windows i7
I want to eventually mess with one of those tech support scammers by having them try to hijack a honeypot VM that allows me to record all their interactions, and the IP doing it. Then send that data to the IC3 (a division of the FBI that deals with cybercrimes)
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Yeah, their government budget is really hurting. In fact, last week Chinese Premier Li Kequing was found staying at a Motel 6! :p
These posts remind me of the time I read a blog by those who tried to bait the scammers. Usually it was the Nigerian prince scam, but there were others still too. My favorite is the guy who got $80 from one of them by stating that he was a monk who can only withdraw up to x amount in his life, else there was a fee.

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An actual dwarf with an actual axe is not so fascinating as the fantasy counterpart...
I'm so back and forth on pre-ording MZ. I can totally wait for a better deal down the road (since I don't need the extras and waiting to see how YEP plugins turn out) but there's something about the fun in playing with "a new toy".
Who knew a adding menu commands would be so hard for something that should be a basic feature.
When you discover great tileset resources that you completely forgot that you had. :kaomad3::kaopride:
Just got a better look at the MZ RTP. I'm very happy with it, especially the sci-fi tiles and sprites. Glad I pre-ordered.

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