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The Stranger
I feel you. I'm far too easily distracted to get anything done when other people are present or even nearby. Have to block out all sound with headphones and shut myself off from the world in order to be productive.
Yeah I'm the same. In my previous job we had an open-office solution, which is practically hell on earth. Even with noise-cancelling headphones, I'd still never feel completely "in the zone" because the body is always aware of people around you.

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I keep forgetting how much I hate how VX-MV implements fences and autotile tables.
Big 10:40 composition of mine! I'll be using this for a big city in my current project! This track is huge, and took me one entire month of full time work to complete. If you want more info, like on the lyrics, check out this thread.
Balancing the Damage numbers in my Game's Battle System makes me feel like I'm some kind of a Math Genius @_@
Remember, you can enter up to THREE effects for a chance to win a copy of MZ! Only 11 submissions so far, the chances of winning is high! :D https://itch.io/jam/elfkisser

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