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Yeah... I'm mostly into the art itself now. I have a hard time with the stories because I know basically everything that's going to happen.
I’ve been watching less and less anime as well for the past years, though that blame goes to superhero TV shows. Trying to keep up with those cut back a lot of my free time. Recently my interest in those have been waning as well, as I’ve been watching more (AEW) wrestling again. All that just to say, I’m still a geek, just about different things now :p
I used to think I won't ever "grow out" of watching anime and playing games. Nowadays I also consider it a waste of time and am no longer much interested. I switched to making games (or attempting to make them). Makes me feel more productive but it's still pretty geeky. You'll be fine.
Traveling Bard
Traveling Bard
I swapped to manga. Once a year I will find something to watch and binge the heck out of it... then forget I have a crunchyroll account for another year lol I feel you.

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I'm having toooo much fun designing the new MP (Mental Psyche) system. I've only worked it out for enemies so far, but it's fun to stun them, then go after their MP and delete them instead to farm for better item drops.
anyone know of a place I can promote my game? sorta like game awards but for indie devs, like a place where I can drop a trailer and like stir up some hype
Doing RPG Maker News for 17th October 2021

That moment when you came up with a very good game title, but when you searched it, it has already been used... T.T
Crazy week. My anxiety decides to go nutz. Worse thing about it is that it causes me to lose focus on my work. I was able to leave early one day and take a nap. Seemed to help. How is everyone? Boosters coming soon here. Get my life back on track again.

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