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  1. Windows i7
    Windows i7
    Doesn't sound too much different from the part of New York state I live in.
    Aug 15, 2019
  2. Ms Littlefish
    Ms Littlefish
    Doesn’t sound too different than Detroit, either. XD
    Aug 15, 2019
  3. Mystic_Enigma
    I thought only the latter existed!
    Aug 15, 2019
  4. Tanarex
    I'm sorry that you have to live in Detroit.
    Aug 16, 2019
  5. Poryg
    And that's why I'm thinking about purchasing shoes with steel reinforced tip. These shoes are heavy enough to cause a dent in the body of the car. Gives a more satisfying feeling than slicing the colour with a key.
    Aug 19, 2019