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The Stranger
Time seemed much slower back when I was a kid. Time appears to speed up as you grow older. I wonder if the elderly perceive time in super speed? xD
Miss those times when I could spend the summer vacation just doing whatever. I have no idea what I actually did, but the time passed slower and it was more fun.
Then again, it probably had a lot to do with the fact you didn't need to spend 11 hours working/commuting and another one doing lunch.

I hope elderly people have more free time so the time is slow again for them.
People say time passes by quickly when you're having fun. But for me it always passes by quickly. I mean, I wake up at 10 which is veryyyyyy late so a part of the day is already gone. But I study late at night so that's fine. The rest of the day is gone in the blink of an eye :/ I don't even go to college (done with that sh*t) and I don't take naps. So why it goes poof, I have no idea.
I can't imagine waking up at 10. The only two good things about working this vacation:
-I learned to get up at 5.
-Not being able to study and not having to feel bad about it because it's not like I'm just wasting time, haha.
But yeah, time passes quickly when you're having fun (and when you're doing unimportant things).

@Hyouryuu-Na What do you study?
@mishakoc Uh... how should I make you understand? :/ I finished grade 12 which is what we call college here. After that we have to give a nation wide board exam. Bangladesh is a pretty small country with a gigantic population. We can't allow every single student to go to a good university (I guess you call this college in the western countries)
That's why every university takes admission tests. Millions give the exams for each umiversity. It's tough and some applicants don't end up anywhere. They have to retake exams next year or spend millions to get into a private university (these universities usually s*ck) It's seen that 1000 people in average fight (lol) to get 1 seat in a public university (these versities are good and u don't have to pay)
I gotta put my heart and soul into studying. My parents can't fricking pay that much for me just because I'm stupid and can't get into a versity with my own ability... *becomes emotional... cries* I want to study Computer Science and Engineering by the way.

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