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The Stranger
Do you just put them in a blank project to see what they do?
Same goes for MV plugins. I translate my search keywords into Japanese to get japanese sites. If you use chrome, you can translate the scripts/plugins if you're on github or any other site that shows the scripts.
I once found an auto translate plugin for MV. It looked so neat, it can translate Japanese, English, and Korean, the languages I need. But, it'll be a awhile for me to get used to it since I don't understand kanji.

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convention concluded, i'm glad the books well received and sold out
not every content is decent, but i'll be better for the next work.

now back to game developing
I hope to be able to post my vxace resource edits this Wednesday.
Not sure if I'll get to the library though.
Me: Man, I'm definitely burned out this time. Time for a break. Me three hours later: I'm ready to work again, let's go! Me another hour later: Okay, I can't do this anymore. Repeat for infinity.
Just got MV and am working on porting over my new game from VX Ace to it! I haven't done much with my new game so it should be pretty quick.
I was doing forge runs on D2 with my wife last night, and singing like a leprechaun to annoy her XD. I was calling it 'The Farge'

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