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Traveling Bard
Traveling Bard
Same :) I love Jason Perry's work. His art makes me want to be a better mapper lol...but alas, we all have our weaknesses. The Atlantis stuff looks amazing!
Are you using it for the game you're making now? It's awesome art style, isn't it? Plenty of resources and types of environments. Not to mention it's incredibly easy to just swap palettes or make simple edits to make all kinds of additional and different tilesets. Something I spend doing way too much.
Too bad there is no character generator. (yet, hopefully!)
Is mapping your weakness? You can get better for sure. Have you tried posting some screenshots in the Mapping thread? It's really helpful to get advice from the experienced people there. Or maybe I could give you some tips via PM if you wanted? Not like I'm an expert, but creating maps in RPG Maker is kind of my hobby. (I'm really weak at writing and planning on the other hand as you know.)

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Effervesce Fallacy™ - PV - C'est La Vie, for the best viewing experience, run the EXE, and adjust the audio via Options. The footsteps sounds are once again, barely audible. :frown: The PV only sounds as intended, if BGM Volume is set to 20%, or 40%, depending on your audio hardware.

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