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I think we all have projects like that. I create a new project with each new version of MV JUST for testing plugins and tinkering. Doesn't stop me doing the same in my real project though...
Alert, advice you probably already knew: If in the end you decide to abandon a project, of anything, take the best of it and use it in the next one. :D
My first project did that, though with scripts instead as it was in ACE. Though I also named it Junk when I made it knowing full well that it was just a testing project for me to do anything crazy in it I wanted to.

I think it may still have that treasure chest that gives you 100,000 EXP every time you open it. Yep, that's how new I was when I made that thing.
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And then I figured out a way to doing a "regular animation" that's affected by PIXI particles. So now each frame of the animation gets particle effects. Soon my dreams of a world without QSprite will be realized. :kaopride:
Currently every NPC in my RPG gets a name, its kinda useless to name all, but Its also cool, somehow.
Biggest prob is to come up with different names. xD
I'm back from my visit to my family. Was really great to see them again after a year even if I had to get tested for covid for the visit.
Procrastination at it's finest.
annnnd after 2 days lol... and I still feel I need to work out a few kinks

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