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I remember getting an automated email (in both French and English) once saying I'd been mentioned in "a blog". Thought almost for sure that it was spam, but it had a few indications that it could be legit, so I googled it. Turned out they'd shouted me out, as well as several others, for a script I wrote (to heal on Level Up) that they were using in their game. That was really cool.

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Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness :LZSgrin:
I am excite.
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I Didnt Like or Disagree with @Andar Due to Him Saying this when We talk about VX (Not Ace): VX is the worst version of the RPG-Makers as it had only one tileset and is missing many features to improve the game development. It is a very bad choice to base a new project on.
It seems to me that I'm too lazy to make new MZ plugins with my full time job, so I'm porting my easy, simple and small MV plugins instead.
I hope I can port 1-2 such plugins per day, but this will be hard for me :)
just mechin' around this morning - MZ edit, feel free to use, must own MZ

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