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This--but also morning classes xD

Am just not a morning person.
Yeah, I get what you mean. I'm not 100% morning person either.
Still, I'd personally still prefer if the lectures began at 7 (or even 6) in the morning than at 6 in the evening.
It's way too hard to concentrate so late. (except when making games, then it's suddenly no problem concentrating in the night)
Total oppositie for me... I'll take any class at night if that means I dont have anything before noon xD (well, wouldve if I wasn't an old man already lol)
Traveling Bard
Traveling Bard
@mishakoc good luck with the classes! You can do it :)
I loved evening classes. I got to enjoy a full, wholesome day, and then feel like I had something productive and (hopefully) interesting to do at night when I wasn't still trying to shake the morning sleepiness out of my eyes.

Plus, in college at least, the night classes meant I got to sleep late!
The Stranger
The Stranger
You also don't have to deal with as many people when you attend night classes. I prefer doing these things at night.

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