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Traveling Bard
Traveling Bard
Guess I'm starting over sparkling clean!... *twitch*
Traveling Bard
Traveling Bard
I have source control, so no biggie but still this heights error bug is profoundly annoying.
That really sucks! But what is this heights error you're talking about?
Traveling Bard
Traveling Bard
@mishakoc it's an error that says it cannot find 'height' of undefined. From what I gather, it's trying to load a battler's sprite in battle processing and isn't finding it for some reason... despite it making the appropriate call & the file existing in the path it's calling.

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Checking out the Judge's Round Table. Really cool getting their perspective in a Q/A environment like this.
I'm heading back to Orlando tomorrow! Dad said he's going to take me to my favorite arcade and maybe Aquatica.
animated message windows <3
or message window that uses background images that can be animated?
Still need to fix some things, but it's going great so far :)
just when I thought one of the greatest game of all time couldn't get any better, they announce a new dlc for it.
For anyone interested: there's another huge humble bundle with JRPG assets + a game jam starting next month - it's for a good cause, so check it out <3

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