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I dislike turn based because
1. It feels unrealistic, enemies won't actually wait for you to decide
2. It's just too...sloooooow
@Nightblade50 : Wait until you age 10 years. You'll want turn based then as your reflexes will fade and you will not be able to react fast enough to play your games anymore.

@BurningOrca: I'm in the same position as you. I can handle non-turn based usually on easy mode though still, as that compensates for my lack of reaction time. But get too twitched based and I refund that game.
Or if u want to eat and play at the same time like I do, can't do that with ATB. :p
What game is it?
@FrozenNorseman: Atelier Ryza. I hope I can handle it somehow, cause I just don't want to cancel my preorder.
I played only 6 games from the serious (all turn based) and all on the Nintendo Switch.
@Dalph: Isn't it possible to pause midbattle in ATBs in order to go eating?
Eh, I haven't played an Atelier game in a while, as I felt the series has gone way downhill since Escha with their making bosses that cheat the system and require you to have perfect setups to beat. Add that to other quirks that should have been fixed back around Totori I've been losing interest in that series.

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Just spent $174 on Shining the Holy Ark on the Saturn. Good lord.
My brain when designing quests:
There is piano, it needs help --> The organ (yes organ now) is missing a component! --> Where the heck am I supposed to put this missing piece!??! --> Add an entire new mini dungeon specifically created to house this new piece. --> Connect this brand new mini dungeon to an already designed dungeon with background information about the town it's found it.

Me: :LZYhuh:
Rising of the Shield Hero!
Sheesh, Guys, don't think you can throw easy prices like $25/$50 on potions/ethers then have monsters pay you $75 for killing them (never understood that concept btw lol) and think it'll all work out!!! Just realized my prcies vs payout left my players unable to get decent stuff without some serious farming from the start, i'm about to call H&R Block to help my MC get his stimulus check just to buy new armor :LZSlol:

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