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The Stranger
Remember the good 'ol days of only needing to gather ore or Tiberium? Now you have to manage, on average, three or more different resources; one of which is usually some sort of population cap. I used to think I enjoyed RTS games, but then I realised I only liked the older, more simple, ones.
I wonder if it's associated to the overall trend for mobile/casual games (even in genres like Match-3 or Action games) to have a million different resources as well?

If there's cross-pollination between the designers, or if they're noticing a trend that they believe gamers want, it could make sense.
It might be, though the issue then becomes just because mobile games have them doesn't mean the players ENJOY them.

As it is, the game I tried to play had all my resources at the top of the screen, though anything at 0 didn't show. Near the end I had to scroll the screen to see them all.
That's the reason I never left Age Of Empires 2 xD
Game bloat... they think it will make the game more "complex". Instead it just comes off as tedious <_<

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