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Hi, Omige, here's wishing you all the best of guts and luck. I hope you have done your revision, get enough rest tonight so that your brain will be in proper combat mode at it's most efficiency tomorrow :)
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Good luck, I say the same as @Zanckst, but I wish you more luck and even more guts. I hope even more that you've done your revision, I wish you even better sleep. Just, everything @Zanckst said, but, you know, more. Take that, @Zanckst!
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If you give good luck to yourself you'll only have the same amount of luck. You have to hunt lucky people down and consume them to gain their luck.
Crap, @Omige is going into full limit break mode in the first turn, it's your fault @standardplayer if he's drained too soon!
@Zanckst it's not my fault, you set a high initial bar! @SpicyNoodleStudios just showed up, it's gonna take at least three episodes to fight him, so let's set aside our differences and work together. For @Omige!
@standardplayer hei, I only throw in some talisman that can boost him to level Cap for few turns which has cool down for few turns. You! You broke the system and propelled him into the realm of the divine! Well it's alright I guess, we're gonna face Ultramega Neo Gahamut(Bahamut just modified his name after having way too many lose streaks against RM-ians) sooner or later anyway.
I'll conjure buffs and debuffs while hustling in aoe terrorising burst magical damage while @SpicyNoodleStudios is taking out the mini bosses. For @Omige !

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