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as with all learning, pace on with patience. and determination. what I am trying to say is, chances are you'd always feel lazy to look up English words you don't understand and resort to meaningfy foreign words by hunch instead.
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Here's a slow-clutch tips. Find a book. A really good book, one that you like, one that is engaging and entertaining if possible, and make a habit and discipline to slowly learn tough words that you find in said book.
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Welp, finally posted some images to Twitter that I meant to post last year... Better late than never, right?
Just going to leave this here. :LZSexcite:
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Asthma has been getting worse because I can't get my paws on a brown (preventer) inhaler. Been without one for over a week now. Struggling to breathe sucks.
I'm wondering, what if I took the time to make a Bee Hive mirco-biome. It sounds cute, and be a home to that hornet monster, but would anyone actually use it?

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