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yet the other-way-round is coming up with good art and having no project to put it in... we all suffer in our own ways xD
@Finnuval it doesn't seem to be your case though... right? :v
Well I do help out sometimes but nothing really concrete as of yet haha Of course I got RL keeping me pretty occupied anyway lol
The Stranger
The Stranger
Pretty games aren't always good games. A lot of gamers love Dwarf Fortress, which has perhaps some of the ugliest graphics around. It may not be pretty, but it does have some deep, interesting mechanics that can lead to awesome stories.
@The Stranger I consider those very rare cases though... I believe it's far easier to make a game that's both bad and ugly, than one that's actually good despite very ugly. Besides, I suppose some kinds of games just don't work with ugly assets... Case in point: the original "Clock Tower", which serves as main inspiration for my project!
The Stranger
The Stranger
@TheNewSon The first Clock Tower game, which people still enjpy, was super ugly though. Then again, I think all those early 3D games were ugly as sin. xD Or are you talking about the SNES game? That did look much better than the ugly 3D version.

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I should make an itch.io page one of these days...Maybe for my next large update.
whoops, forgot to get started with Advent posts! coming shortly!

Another demo of the dynamic cloud cover system, this time complete with the original soundtrack composition (which sounds even goofier at this 2x playback speed). Much left to tweak but I like it so far.
And now, some custom emotions to give the character life... :kaoslp:
First Person Combat Test Video. Simply showing off a very early concept video for an open world 3D game in MV.

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