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The Stranger
The Stranger
Falsifying history and trying to pass it off as the real deal annoys me so much. Learning new things isn't about feeling good or safe, it's about being exposed to things you might not like, agree with, or even fully understand.
The Mighty Palm
The Mighty Palm
Looking at you, Brushy Bill. Hes not even old enough to be Billy the Kid and people still believe the myth. Living in the south, that one gets to me a lot.

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That moment when you post the wrong download link to your game and wonder why it got so few downloads... :mad:
Trying to make it so my map is cleared of "random" events after the player leaves the map... to little success >.<
Had my first interaction with a legit homophobe concerning one of my games today. Tempting to engage, but pointless.
The BIGGEST immersion breaker for Sword Art Online is that Kirito keeps finding overpowered playstyles using "bad things nobody uses cuz its bad". Players WILL use bad gear BECAUSE it's bad.
When I said I'd make 20 games in 2020, I scared myself. Now it's mid-February, and I've made 6 games. So I got this. But, then again...do I got this?

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