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1) For Yanfly to come back once he has fully recharged. I know, but I'm an optimistic person.

2) I want to contribute codes and 2D Isometric and top down tiles. I'm okay with Ruby/RGSS3 but still new to JavaScript.

3) For the next RPG Maker to have redefined scenes and loops functions, to be scaled up, with cleaner structure.

More below
4) For Archeia, OriginalWij, woratana, Victor Sant, Yukihime, Yami, Mithran, BigEd, Galv, Khas, and few others I forgot their names to take over Yanfly's stellar role.

5) Please come back Hirei! And Lunarea and Sevith.

6) More diverse artstyle in RPG Maker resources. RPG Maker hex is largely due to recurring RTP-artstyles
7) editting no.4, modern algebra too

8) For some and many of us to understand and accept more that game design doesn't just involved time and chime, it also needs dime. And respects. Lotsa machine gun DrDisRespects respects

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Kind of relieved that I had medibang installed when I need to edit Sprite I was about to download gimp but I remember I had medibang installed lol
Voting for the first round of the Map Madness Tournament is now live! Vote for your favorite in each matchup!

Finally started working on Grim Trigger episode 2 today :LZScat: it's half comic/half visual novel!

Is it interesting to get more backstory on villains? A key moment in their past, their childhood, or maybe something that shows they've always been that way? To see or not to see?
"Everything tastes like chicken until it's chicken, then it doesn't taste like chicken."
Context: chicken samosas do not taste like chicken. I thought it was veggie samosas.
Just another ordinary evening.

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