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you can say that from pretty much every other founding father across the world.
The Stranger
The Stranger
Do you really think that a man whose regime took the lives of millions of people would care about a few memes? Maybe he'd have those who laugh at such memes thrown into forced labour camps.
Everybody knows that in Soviet Russia labour camps work inside you.
The Stranger
The Stranger
In Soviet Russia, memes laugh at you. This doesn't even make any sense, but there it is. xD
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I don't believe it. I actually did some proofreading in my game - and fixed some grammar errors! I feel so accomplished, knowing I can actually proofread my own writing!
...I've had a bad day, okay? Bad enough for me to want to proofread stuff. :yswt2:
Ughhh, July is not my month. Thankfully, it's nearly done.

I fixed the lips and noses for MZ! The files have been updated.

Everything below!
Ugh, I opened MV after a few weeks and I'm completely lost on what I was working on.
Does it happen to someone else or am I the only disorganized one around? :kaoswt:
Today was not a really productive day, but at least i got some bust sketches going <3
hmm in exploring MZ with FOSSIL... I see I'll probably need to stick with MV for now as none of the menu altering plugins I use work on MZ lol. and I don't have the money to dump into what I would need in some cases to update plugins to their MZ versions. Everytime I think of converting, 5 or more reasons popup on why I shouldn't.

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