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The Mighty Palm
More versatile less beginner friendly. Doesnt come with graphics, audio, or any code. You have to do everything yourself. For platformers and action games GM is better. For RPGs and menu/text heavy games I prefer RPGM.
They are made for different things. Is pliers better than a handsaw? :(
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@The Mighty Palm Yeah, I know how to code in Ruby and the GMS coding looks very very very easy comparated with RGSSx, at least at my starter classes. (I've started yesterday and finished two little games) But i'm thinking if it's much hard make something near an RPG on game maker without much "hacking", like create an 3d/plataformer in Rpg maker...
@Faherya Yeah, I see your point. But I guess they do the same thing, with other focus (RPGs and Plataformers/Shooters). I mean, what you think is more easy to do, an good plataformer on rpg maker or an good RPG on GMS (Pretending I know how to use both)
Or make RPGs using RPG Maker, and other types of games using Game Maker? Why limit yourself to one or the other?
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