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The Stranger
The Stranger
I'm too shy to use a mic, unfortunately. Hope you find someone. I've enjoyed some of your other vids. :)
The Mighty Palm
The Mighty Palm
You can livestream PS4? How?
The Stranger
The Stranger
@The Mighty Palm I think you just push the 'share' button on the controller while playing a game. You can take screenshots using it, which is what I use it for, or stream a video.
Yes and no.
I use Elgato Game Capture Device and there's a Live feature!

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Well, looks like I need to build myself a quest system. Or really just a system for "Helpful voices" to talk to the player. I'm sure nothing will go wrong listening to them.... They're "helpful". :LZSwink:

Should be pretty easy with PIXI just letting me write all over the screen. :LZSexcite:
I'm starting to think I just dont like anime since the last one I enjoyed was none of them.
Hi guys, Im new here. Im using RPGMMV. In this community i would like to learn more and become better rpg developer.
The main character for the first game was originally going to become a member of the party in the third game but I'm probably changing him to an important NPC instead. That brings the third game's total ensemble roster down to nine with one optional secret character.

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