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So the "proof" that I received is a signature that looks nothing like mine and was signed 45km away from my house, inside the delivery company branch
And I would have gotten away with it if it weren't for that meddling GPS
another option is that maybe he planned to deliver next week and just flagged it as delivered so it wouldn't show up as delivered late (it was already 7 days late)
The Stranger
The Stranger
Doesn't really matter why he did it. Forging signatures is wrong. Did you file a complaint?
I complained that I hadn't received and the company said they would send the guy to collect it wherever he delivered and then call me. I only found the geolocation data much later
The Stranger
The Stranger
People like that shouldn't have jobs as couriers. Kinda like how abusive people shouldn't be working as carers. It amazes me at just how many people work in fields they're not suited for. I'm glad you got what you ordered in the end. Who knows what would've happened if you hadn't said something.

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convention concluded, i'm glad the books well received and sold out
not every content is decent, but i'll be better for the next work.

now back to game developing
I hope to be able to post my vxace resource edits this Wednesday.
Not sure if I'll get to the library though.
Me: Man, I'm definitely burned out this time. Time for a break. Me three hours later: I'm ready to work again, let's go! Me another hour later: Okay, I can't do this anymore. Repeat for infinity.
Just got MV and am working on porting over my new game from VX Ace to it! I haven't done much with my new game so it should be pretty quick.
I was doing forge runs on D2 with my wife last night, and singing like a leprechaun to annoy her XD. I was calling it 'The Farge'

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