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The Stranger
The Stranger
I once saw a woman turn bright red after accidentally walking into the men's bathroom at McDonald's. I guess some people blush more than others. Only time my face goes red is when it's sunburnt, or when it's exposed to biting cold.
Kuro DCupu
Kuro DCupu
Awww~ wish I could see that

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Designing patches that can 'augmented' to clothing based armor. Such good fun. A bit time consuming due to the need to create image displays, but the patches are limited so it's not too tiring.
Note: lol, posting this made me find a couple mistakes.
Why VX/VX Ace is a little Neglected?
This little slime tower defence game is really coming together nicely :)
So I have a lighter work schedule next week. Is that a sign to move on to MZ?
I got a new rpg idea yesterday, titled "The Hero We Summoned to Save Us is a War Criminal from our Past?!"

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