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Chag Sameah! May you have the happiest 8 nights. 2 down, 6 to go! :D
Yes! I ran out of candles, so I'm using an electronic menorah this time. I would rather use actual candles, but I'm glad I still have something to celebrate with. ^_^ I hope you have a wonderful 8 nights as well!
Electronic is the way to go. I burn myself every time otherwise.
Thank you! With all the hatred around these days, it meant so, so much to me to see you post this. Thank you for stepping up and making this post- I might have made a similar one before & thought about it, but yours opens the flood-gates so to speak- solidarity is very important.
Just to let you know- you did an important, important thing Angel.Kitty.
Thank you >.< I didn't think my simple status post would actually reach any other Jews. I didn't expect a response tbh. It's sad that people can be so mean during such happy holidays, so I'm glad I helped somebody! ^_^
You are not the only one- do not forget that. And yes- you have uplifted me big-time with your update. A simple thing can mean quite a bit. Solidarity, as I said. Frankly, I needed a bit of it and your post came at just the right time. I will take it as a sign. :) You have a game, correct? You must, since you are here. I would like to support you.
Aaah thank you so much >.< Yes, I have a project I'm working on. It's in the project recruitment thread titled "Shards of "Chrysalism."

Lol I was wondering why I suddenly had the urge to make a post about Chanukah even though I've never made a profile post before! That must be why. G-d bless you! :DDD

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A them/they in a forest... a still for the game I'm working on.
Making a blue-magic-heavy game is very fun but there's a lot of extra hassle as well. Balancing skills for both enemy and player usage isn't easy.
BTW everyone on staff who made the forum jump, thank-you! This time I am not panicked and lost all rounds.
I'm not searching for bugs, just pleasant surprises, for now on ^^
Been a while since I've been here, whoops. My computer's been acting really stupid so I wasn't able to work on my projects, but the good news is I've got a new one, meaning I can get back to work. And I've got a nice idea in mind, I'll just need to find some good scripts for the Aesthetic.

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