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Amane Kagari
Amane Kagari
Aye... But it could also be the other way around too. Just experienced this irl when I was doing a game project with a group where the programmer/designer is really obnoxious. He broke our team apart in the end. :/ Unfortunately, people think it's "normal" to act this way nowadays.
Amane Kagari
Amane Kagari
This is why we need to do better by acting better ourselves. We can't let others attitude mess with us or our work nor can we stoop as low as them and give them the same attitudes! Keep calm and move on. :)
Exactly what I'm doing ^^ I have no regrets about my time on the team. I did a lot of work, all free. I feel I was always professional and friendly, so I'm moving on with a clean conscience.
Yeah, a lot of people that know stuff love to be jerks. Some even if they don't know what you know.

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