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Oh yeah, that definitely sounds like a "For the money" thing...
The Stranger
The Stranger
So, the main character is a bloke, and sparkly vamp is a girl? I imagine it's the same old crappy story though.
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Yup. Curiosity got the better of common sense so I looked the changes up. According to the author, gender bending means they have different personalities yet everything plays out the same except the new ending. Which is basically reaction everyone with common sense had (dude-Bella becomes a vampire at the end of the book apparently).
I'm adding it to the list of things I wish I hadn't bothered to look up.
The Stranger
The Stranger
So how does the whole pregnancy thing work this time? She explained it away before with vampire venom or some such nonsense, so will it be a vampy egg inside the undead womb of the fem vamp? The whole story is just fanfic anyway.
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None of that. Basically dude-Bella becomes a vampire a lot earlier in the story before that whole baby-vampire-possibility thing ever comes up.
I'm really hoping it just ends there because yeah, the plot just seems like the author writing fanfic of their own stuff.

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