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Sounds like my Ps3. Sadly I stopped playing Atelier at around Sophie as it felt like the game was geared towards experts only who knew how to min/max everything, especially if you wanted to beat the main story.
I don't like to read this as I really want to play Sophie aswell, but am not one of those who know how to min/max everything. I just want to play the game.
I first didn't expect them to release an Atelier this year, because of Fairy Tail, but as they do 1 at least every year I now expect them to port Sophie and Firis aswell to the Switch still this year.
Ryza is after Sophie in the list so maybe they improved? I felt it started with Escha when they started to do this myself.

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Just bought the Visustella All Waves bundle... Time to go IN!!
Oh, I was just confirmed I'll be doing small online classes during june - july, on one side I'm nervous and looking forward it, on the other one: I've became the very thing I swore to destroy. :kaodes:
Work starts today at 2pm. I hate jeans, but the dress code says I have to wear them... That's how I discovered I was a plus size. Shopping for my first pair of jeans.
Anyhow, I'll post a new video on TheDazzlingsAreBack as soon as I'm able to.

WIP :)
Added some cliffs / walls / roofs to the tilesheet and am currently working on roof objects to make them prettier and more variable. And of course, windows and doors that fit to the game's style.
I also adjusted the grass color but i have some issues with my display, so if it looks weird, please let me know :)

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