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Um, basically, realism.

Fixed wing aircraft literally CAN'T turn with a reasonable turn radius w/o tipping their wings (helicopters are a different beast). Rolling IS HOW planes turn: you want to turn right, you tip your left wing up to catch more wind and your right wing down to catch less, and so on.
The wing FLAPS let you make small, minute corrections to your left-to-right orientation, but you can't make anything resembling a tight turn in a fixed wing aircraft IRL without rolling.

Anywhere, there IS a reason in this case.
That said, Just Cause 3 (I think it was 3, maybe 4) ridiculously exaggerates the turn radius you can get from the wing FLAPS to the point where I think it'd work just like you want, you're able to steer left-to-right and make tight turns w/o any rolling. Totally absurd and absurd looking if you know the slightest bit about aircraft (as is a rocket booster on a helicopter, for instance), but very convenient!

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