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Cool! Is the game good? I've heard of it but never played it. All I know is that it's free-to-play, which makes me think it's designed to suck money out of you.
@MechScapeZH I like it, it might get boring from time to time, playing it with friends make it way better tho. So its an online yugioh game (there's a pc version on steam, and a mobile version on play store, both free) where you can duel npc's or other players with decks of your own... :)
Oh, awesome! I've been a big Yu-Gi-Oh player since I was little.

I don't really play PvP- is there a Story Mode?
Sweet. Had a blast with Duel Links for a while but eventually I started feeling pressure to put a lot of hours into the events to get special cards but I just don't have that kind of time. I prefer to play games at my own pace. That's one reason MMO's are a no go for me.

@MechScapeZH No story mode. You just battle different people in the city if I recall and then do pvp.
The Mighty Palm
The Mighty Palm
I've considered getting into Duel Links but I havent played Yugioh since... well since the God Cards part of the anime was airing. I'm a bit intimidated by all the new mechanics I've never seen/heard of like tuners and XYZ
@FleshToDust Ah. ...Well, I'm out then, haha.
@The Mighty Palm It's not that difficult, honestly. All the new cards play off the rules that you already know.

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