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The Stranger
The Stranger
I think we should bring back edible crockery. Don't wash up that bowl, just eat it.
'Sink Market Sinks! Edible Eatery Eats Ebbing Kitchen Cornerstone!' Nice going @The Stranger, now you just shook up the kitchen industry!
The Stranger
The Stranger
LOL! 'Sink Market Sinks!' Ever thought about writing newspaper headlines for a living? You'd be quite good at it.
Can't. Paper Industry Already Up In Flames!
The Mighty Palm
The Mighty Palm
I could see this being a successful fad with children. Kind of like Zoo-pals, plates shaped like animals. Cant really see it catching on with adults though... but still if this isnt already a thing maybe market this.

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So, uh, has anyone tried buying any resources from KokoroReflections? Because I've been looking for a 'buy' button on the site for like 10 minutes now and can't find one.
Any also thought it's too cringy to put the word "and you" in your credit as a special thanks?
Cause that's what I thought...
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