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Definitely much better than my previous system of storing their event IDs in an array, and just culling the oldest one. Especially with MV's poor handling of arrays when leaving and returning to a map. :LZSskeptic:
Setup a system to respawn enemies that have been culled, cloning them and depositing them back onto the map, relative to the player's scrolledX and scrolledY. Take that, framerate!
Oh there as already a system to spawn them in. In fact the whole level is spawned in. I did get the amusing thing of having to include a blood cleaning setup as well. Turns out making enemies explode in blood pools actually eventually starting eating up RAM even if their events are set to inactive. It's pretty funny though..... I regret nothing! :LZScool:
Also what's player scrolledX & Y property referencing? Up until now I've been basing stuff on gameplayer.x & y and just putting it in relation to that. Though I'm open to more efficient stuff if it exists. :LZSexcite:
All characters, players, followers, events, have a .scrolledX() and .scrolledY() function. These return their x and y relative to the current position of the screen. So wherever on the map your screen is viewing, the top left of that is 0, 0. If a character is on the top left, and one tile higher than your screen, so you can't see them, their scrolledY would be -1. Make sense?
Well that's exciting, I can't say I've ever heard of that property before. Hmm... Not sure that's really better or worse than just distance calculation but I'll likely test it and see if it does anything for lag. At this point my only real lag points are some of the enemy projectiles are a bit much (I haven't really reworked that to what I want yet), and the initial map generation.

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For a long time I always consider XP soundtracks as the best one.
Just listened to some of MZ tracks from the free version.
It's... Quite mindblowing. xD
Only listened to the battles, towns, and fields.
But I'm sure the rest are equally good. :D
What do you guys want to see for the new Jump into Javascript? A continuation of the rpg_objects, or would you prefer a "lesson 0" where I go back to the absolute basics of Javascript and cover the fundamentals of the language and its construction?
Hey RPG members!!

How do you finish projects? Some new game developers start off strong but end up losing momentum. What keeps you motivated while working on new projects?
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So many threads to move to the right place. My post count is awesome, but 95% of it is due to moving things.

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