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The Stranger
The Stranger
Dealing with bad minions is part and parcel of being an overlord. :p
I do have to say... they're not bad just overwhelmingly strange.
The Stranger
The Stranger
Just swap your current set of minions out for the lil' minions from Despicable Me.
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I'd be in hell. xD
The Stranger
The Stranger
No idea what your current minions do, but these new ones will fill your workplace up with whacky, ineffective weapons. lol.

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Just finished composing a boss battle theme!
Scripted a multi-variable weather system that randomizes wind speed, cloudiness, rain, fogginess, etc, while attempting to realistically account for interactions between them (e.g. wind speed affects fogginess, cloudiness affects rain, etc), the current weather pattern, and the player's biome e.g. swamp, beach, etc. Now I "just" have to tie visuals and sounds to the variables so stuff actually happens...
I'm having a headache balancing the combat using flat defense so I'm gonna use percentual armor, in this pic, Simon has 16 on Defense which means all the incoming damage will be reduced by 16% this will ease my burden a bit.
!Have a nice day everybody¡
SO glad they patched outer worlds for switch! I can finally play it! Weird that other peeps are still having issues. I know it was really chugging on my lite when it first came out.

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