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The Stranger
The Stranger
Should've bought some dehydrated water to go along with your dehydrated fruit. :p Why'd you buy dehydrated fruit in the first place?
To supplement my diet and have something to snack when I'm forced to use the emergency supply. If this is dehydrated fruit, I'm glad I didn't purchase the dehydrated meat.

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Almost 5 am.. and I decide to put up a Youtube video instead of sleeping. It's strangely addicting! :kaoswt:
If I survive the pandemic without 2nd degree obesity, I'll celebrate. The stress I have to deal with at work is so insane my candy consumption has increased by 400% just to help me survive the day sometimes.
I don't like calling my daily stuff coronadailies... anyone a better suggestion?
Well, looks like I need to build myself a quest system. Or really just a system for "Helpful voices" to talk to the player. I'm sure nothing will go wrong listening to them.... They're "helpful". :LZSwink:

Should be pretty easy with PIXI just letting me write all over the screen. :LZSexcite:
I'm starting to think I just dont like anime since the last one I enjoyed was none of them.

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