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like this?
A good example you see in debates today would be Cognitive Dissonance, I believe. After all, it sounds so cool to replace 'I disagree with the point of view that you are defending' with a condescending 'You are in a state of cognitive dissonance'. Obviously the other one is going through an obscure psychological phenomenon for them to disagree with me ??
I'm definitely waiting for someone to try that on me.
I usually see it when one person begins to realize that they're "losing" the argument and so they begin to throw around larger words. It's a tactic that would've worked if the internet didn't exist.. But... I mean, we can google what your words mean and point out you're using them wrong. It's easier to just talk how you talk.
Yeah, though the main problem is that most people won't look it up, and so, like pretty much every word originating from psychology and appropriated by society, its meaning will just be deformed. And, as a psychology enthusiast, it makes me sad :c

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